February 11-12: Kobe, Japan

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My time in Kobe proper was rather brief and limited to the hours of midnight to eight in the morning. I had a trip to Hiroshima that left at 8am, and the ship did not get in until 7am. We ran full out from the hotel in Kyoto to a cab, and from a cab to the bullet train…and got on-train with 30 seconds to spare. Getting in around midnight, we walked around both the Shinkansen stop and the subway stop closer to the port in search of a cheap place to grab a few hours of shuteye. Alas, none would rent to us for less than fifty dollars. So we said screw it, let’s go bowling. -Oliver. Wednesday, March 17, Ship Time 17:37 (EST +11.5...

February 11: Kyoto, Japan

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Kyle, Eli and I all had to be in Kobe the next morning, so decided to take a near-midnight train from Kyoto to Kobe. In the meantime, we had a day to see the city of Kyoto. It was a national holiday, but it was also raining, so we weren’t sure how much we would be able to see. Not pictured: we went to a bath house. One of the cooler and most relaxing experiences of my life, and it cost only $4.00. Much of Kyoto is beautiful, so I hope the pictures speak for themselves without much in the captions department. Enjoy! -Oliver. Wednesday, March 10, Ship Time 23:58 (EST +11.5...