Live Music Night at Smiley’s

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Working at Maudy’s Cafe means I live in Pedasi, a long drive with a car I don’t have from Playa Venao. Pedasi is a small town with few night life options, so most nights I find myself heading home for some Rosetta Stone to practice and some crazy animals to feed. While I get a lot of reading done – 11 books now in the month I’ve been here – I also make sure to get over to Restaurante Smiley’s every Tuesday and Friday for live music night.

Smiley’s is an American-owned restaurant in Pedasi that has become the go-to spot two nights a week for many people. Four groups come together to hear a few good guys play some live music. You’ve got the ex-pats, the locals, the tourists and the Panamanians down from the City all in one place, drinking sangria and singing “Brown Eyed Girl” and “La Bamba” while they attempt to keep rhythm with hand-out tambourines. It’s a great time and a great way to meet people and make new friends for me. I’ve started keeping the cafe open until 8 on live music nights so I can offer some smoothies + cachaca (Brazilian sugar cane liquor). It’s a good way to start the evening.

I’ve been collecting photos these past two weeks, and will hopefully get up a couple more short posts over the next few days. For now, enjoy some photos of the talented music-makers of Restaurante Smiley’s.

~More Photos~

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